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Look of the Month

Ohh the happy days..I just received great news regarding Indiedays Lookbook. They had chosen my boyish outfit (click here) as one of their best looks for August! Funnily enough my denim, tie and plum purple combo, which happens to be one of my favourite outfits in my own wardrobe, was also the one and only look I've been "bullied" for. 

As a prize, all the winners receive a 100€ gift card to spend on Sokos beauty and cosmetics. Life definately works in mysterious ways. If the weather hadn't been so crappy today I would've gone to town to buy cosmetics (should never let your make-up supply run this low) but I'm sure glad I didn't! Rain as hard as you like - I will do some internet shopping.

Btw, I have some other great news to share with you as well but I will get back to you on that a bit closer to London Fashion Week.