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let's just call a spade... a spade.

it's that time again when we all start thinking about what & how we're going improve in the next year... and that got me thinking... i definately have much to improve on and not all of it revolves around my sewing machine!! so, my first declaration ( if you will ) is that...

i am one big o'l fat spade! it's true... and here's the reason why...

i lOVE comments!! i pretty much daydream about having like a million each time i post something, now i can pretend i don't care and that know one's approval matters to me... but for most days... it totally does! true. LOL

----> l i s t e n <----
i realize this isn't going to come as an "earth shaken" shocker to most of you all... but what might, ( pathetically so ) is my admittance that...


embarrassing... yeah???... how friggin lame am i??? i love them and want them, yet never ( rarely ) leave them!

so, my proposal ( to myself - made public ) is that i will commit to leaving a comment if i read your blog! now, i can't make unreasonable promises that they will be clever, witty, or that they just actually won't be completely boring comments, really... but YOU guys inspire me and i DO read a ton of blogs... and i'm wanting to send big blog-love out next year, so that's it... i'm a spade trying ( in 2011 ) to become a heart!

i look more than forward to following you next year and proving it!! ;)
XO, Heather

hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! i got a new couch... and i cussing love it!