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READER´S REQUEST: daily make-up

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i am really not a make-up guru or something so when i get emails from readers asking what kind of make-up i use, i get flattered.
because this lady doesn´t even use a foundation or knows the difference between all the 1438695 kinds of make-up brushes.

here´s my simple daily make-up routine. a result of years of experimenting and testing stuff.

1. moisturizer from Kiehl´s (not pictured)
2. make-up primer from Sephora
3. touche eclat from YSL for hiding not-so-pretty stuff like eyebags you know
4. face powder from Chanel
5. perfume, Miss Dior Cherie (i have used Daisy by Marc Jacobs for like forever but gotten sick of it.)
6. blush from MAC (PINCH ME) and Nars (ORGASM)
7. dip liner from H&M (best i have used so far, i´ve tried expensive ones too)
8. lip balm from Burt´s Bees
9. red lipstick, H&M x Lanvin (obsessed about this at the moment!)

when i go out partying, i use some mascara (mine is from YSL too, not pictured) and attempt to create smoky eyes from an eyeshadow palette i got from MAC.

so there you go.
now it´s your turn, i wanna see your daily staples too!