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is it just me, or is it more fun to craft during the holiday season even if you do have a HUGE amount of it on your plate??? i'm still in heaven!! i'm almost finished with my Pillow Talk { Swap } pillow and i'm really digging it! but, i will admit that i would stop now if it was my own ( i love simple ) pillows, but my partner may enjoy a little bit more hand work...??? Whatch thinky?? keep going or add a little more??

ps... that's aqua linen as the background fabric!! can you just squeal!! it's seriously fab-boosh!!! i got mine at the Fabric Quarter .... hello yummy softness!!! ;)

then my dear friend Mo went nutto's for these wreaths after seeing Amber's... which then made me go nutto's since all the examples were to die for! so, yesterday i started one... and i'm pretty sure i'm in BIG love!

i even had a few extra minutes to add a couple more rows to my Modern Affair quilt... and i am seriously excited how it is turning out! i can't wait to put it all together!! don'tcha just hate it when time/ priorities only allows you to move at a snails pace when you really want to bust something out!?? AaarrgG!

and i am so naughty! every year i make magnets for my son's teachers & aids ( he has like 10!! LOL ) and cause it's an inexpensive craft that looks really cute!! in fact i save all my pottery barn magazines all year for this project!! haha... anyways back to my story, they are super easy-peasy... ya just take a little pottery barn cutness, a glue gun, glass beads, and magnet magic and presto... new cute magnet for your fridge! except they were so cute this year, i kept them! hehe... now, i'm going to have figure out something else to make them! any ideas?? ;)

then to round out my craft-a-licious adventure these past couple days... i HAD to get some more of my most fav { staple } prints from Mo Bedell's Party Dress!! those grandmother's pearls must be in every line from now on or i may just cry a sweet tear of sadness... ya listening Mo???
( kiss, kiss )

You can still grab some at Hip Fabric!!

my guess is that i'm not the only one in a crafting frenzy currently either!! here's to all of us getting our goodies done on time!! ;)
xo, Heather
pps... my lovely friend Terri is having a fantastic Giveaway Raffle on her blog to help support a brave 9 year old whose daddy passed recently from ALS help raise money for the cause!! if you can spare a moment to pop on by... i know that litttle guy will see his efforts will bring him to amazing places in his life. Thank you!