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Yesterday was soOOOOoo one of those { Shut the Door } days!! Between the mail and my new quilt... i'm so far past giddy, i think i'm bordering on annoying! ;) First, the mail came and with it miss Melody Miller's new line "Ruby Star Rising" from Kokka!!! This was my FAVORITE soon to be released fabric at Quilt Market!! It's just so urban... and fabulous... and mod... and heavenly... and i'm sure you get the point! hehe... i know i have to cut into it, but dang... it's gonna hurt!

This is what i was drooling over at market...

Then you have miss Pat Bravo's Modern Affair, which i'm sure most of you all can figure out REAL quick why i'm so in love with it... ( cough, aqua & tangerine )...

So... i finally, cut into my FQ stash of this line... UUummm yummies! I decided to go with a coin quilt ( LOVE them ), but using the paper bag method. This really shook me up at first, you know... not being able to neatly organize my fabrics, but i was going for a whole Athropologie-Random look... so i grabbed my big girl panties and dove in! and i must say... i'm kinda loving it! haha... who knew??

At lastly, my dear friend Kate's Christmas swap present arrived!!! I think i actually squealed out loud! I saw these on her blog and thought... "shoot, i hope those are mine!!" and they were!! Thank YOU kate... my sweet!!

wull... can i just say, i hope this week keep going at THIS pace!! ;P

xo, Heather