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truth time... again.

okay, so declaration number 2 - made public.

Get my Bootie a MOV'IN!

see... my spirit says, i can run...

my ass says, no you can't.

my mind says... yeah i'm not quite sure yet heather... could be no, could be... maybe???

but dang it, my heart says... hell yes you can!... now get off that pretty new couch of yours and make it happen before i call you a whambulance lady!

i really want to... but what am i willing to give up in my daily life to make it happen... isn't THAT the real question?? pathetic really that i'm still having these personal dialogs with myself at the ripe age of.... ( we're getting off track here ) never mind. i hope that's normal, ya know, the whole actually debating about simple things like exercise vs' dying of sitting on your butt! ... or at least not creepy. okay, fine... fair enough, i'll settle for just simply not that creepy. then i can just focus on running and not self esteem issues too! LOL

well, now that that's settled... just to clarify ( again to myself - made public ), i'll be commenting on your blogs much more in 2011 and also becoming a runner. yep... i'm feeling good about said goals and hope to achieve them... quickly!

yeah... shoot, being more patient could be on my growing list too! hehe...

( here's a little sneeky peeky of the last year in crafty goodness! )

XO, Heather