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ha! did i say that???

yeah... i think i did... i LooOOOOVE Melody Miller's new line { Ruby Star Rising }!!! i seriously can NOT get over how friggin cute these fabrics are... i could just eat them! yep... in my mouth!! LOL I even contacted my sponsors to see who would have it the soonest for all of you guys who "must have" this line pronto-ria on it's debut! It looks like the winner is Fabric Worm! here's what Cynthia had to say about beating the rush...

They can sign up for our email newsletter at or they can be emailed directly the same day it arrives by emailing Subject line "melody miller".

i can't wait to get my grubby hands on the OTHER colorways! hehe...

i also finished my Pillow Talk { Swap } pillow... yes!! i've had some interest in the pattern to this pillow and i must say... there isn't one! ha... i just fell out of my head like most of my designs! but, what i will say is that i picked up the 2" diamond paper pieces at my besties shop and the pillow is 18". I just added a sprinkling of hand stitches and presto... the { Friendship Star }!

OOooohh... and i also started putting together some hexie love for more Christmas gifts... i have no idea what they will be, but i'm feeling good about the options! haha...

and then these last couple days i decided to try my luck at the new sensation... the { Mug Rug }... these little cuties have been popping up all over the virtual world lately and when you have boys/ men to make for through the holidays... these are perfect! want more inspiration... check out this Flickr group! ( and no... it isn't mine!! LOL )

well... i'm off to spend the day with the fam! hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!!
xo, Heather