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taking short cuts... equals... bad idea!

okay, so hear's a little tid bit for ya! taking short cuts... equals... bad idea! and let me tell ya why! it all started when i was invited to do a few upcoming projects for 2011 and in addition to the art, i would also need to send in a head shot! well... of course being a stupid girl, i thought... i'd better loose a quick ten-skie, so my face won't look so fat??? makes sense right, no one wants a double chin printed from here to Australia!

so... i decided to do one of these diets that would shed weight super fast! i mean, let's keep it real... i didn't want to have to exercise and eat healthy for two months... i just wanted to pull this band aid off and be done with it! well... it worked! i lost around 13 lbs in about a month...

and everything was working out in my mischievous little plan... until my gallbladder decided to spank me! apparently it didn't think i was very clever at all and the only way to communicate its displeasure is by a lot of pain. lovely, yes??!! i have now been in bed for 3 days and am incredibly late in facilitating my obligations and thank you's i owe my peeps! do those sexy knee-high boot fit and look fabulous, sure... but i am... still considering this a failure of epic proportion, as i can only wear them in my bed...

needless to say... i'm feeling a tad bit better today and hopefully will have some eye candy up for you soon... ;)

xo, Heather