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{ Urban } Home Goods - a modern swap!

can i just say... THANK YOU!! to all those who left comments yesterday regarding my ridiculous situation i found myself in! sometimes i feel the need to tell stories of complete nonsense about myself in the spirit of "keeping it real"!! i am a truly silly woman who can always find humor in the most painful situation! LOL

now... on to the eye candy as promised!... round 2 of the { Urban } Home Goods - a modern swap is now just wrapping up!! and can i tell you... this was my hardest swap to date! no, no... not because of what i made my partner, but because i had no clue as to who my partner was!! clearly i am not a patient girl and i do NOT like surprises! i sympathize whole heartily with all my members of my swaps for putting up with this blind business... cause the shiz ain't fun! period.

however... the waiting did end and one of my most loved crafter's was my partner! miss Amy from Badskirt made me some of the most beautiful treasures!! i was beyond thrilled at my package and overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness ( even when she was being a bit of a rascal! ) haha...
my sweet amy made me crocheted granny squares ( which if you didn't already know about me... i can not crochet or knit! ) hence... i about peed myself!

and in one of her notes she mention bunting... and i swooped up that idea, knowing i would get to gaze at these darling squares more often! ;)

the larger granny square has found her home right to my sewing side!!

and if those weren't enough... she made me the most amazing reversible apron! ( i wish i was clever enough to work my camera to take a photo with it on! ;P )

oh... yes, she really did add a little Grandmother's Flower on it!

i think you can see... just how much her little additions have brought to my land!

now i really am trying not to rub it in, but... come on!! she sent these treats too!! can you say { kindle cover }... yeah, i think i can too!

and then just when you think... "but, Heather, how could it getting any better???"... i will simply show you this extra love she sent....

please hold back your tears... i know how much you wish THIS fabric was in your stash!


as much as i would like to claim receiving the very best of the swap.... i think i should show you a few more items made this round before staking that claim! hehe... ( although i totally do! )

Urban Goods Swap Rec'd

urban home goods - sneaky peek!

Sneak Peek...

Patchwork ties - New obsession

Sewing Machine Cover for UHGS

Notebook Cover Inside Pocket Detail

itty bitty quilt block magnets

Pillow for Urban Home Goods Swap

plastic bag dispenser

Urban Home Swap - Apron

Urban Home Goods, Round 2

Urban Home Goods Swap:Breakfast Set

Pop Flower Quilt

{urban} HOME goods swap quilt

UHG- modern swap......sent

for my urban home goods swap partner

Urban Home Goods swap package

For the Urban Home Goods Swap

Urban Home Goods Swap


Space Invaders

simply starburst~ a pillow!

UHG Swap Goodies for Binkwaffle

Far Far Away Dresden plate

Urban Home Goods Swap

Want to see more... check out the Flickr photo pool! and then sign up for the next round!! ;)

xo, Heather