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Quilt as you go |quilt-along| part TWO - Kick Off!!

Quilt as you go quilt-along part TWO: { using Penny’s template :) }

For my quilt, I’ll be making a king-size! Yes, I am clearly grabbing my big girl panties!! haha… instead of going to the standard sizes for quilts (which is a very reasonable thing to do!) I grabbed a quilt that is currently on my bed and measured it (knowing the size was perfect)… it ended up being… 96 X 102”. I also like to keep thing simple in the land of “Heather”, so I’m keeping each block size a clean 14.5” square. If my math’s correct… I should end up with a 98 X 112” quilt… basically perfect after washing ;)

For this quilt size, you will need:
• Plenty of scraps! I’ll be building my entire quilt in saturated color with Heather Ross prints as my focal print… sky’s the limit on choice!! Design away!
• {56} 14.5 inch squares of cotton batting (I am using warm and natural cotton batting). This quilt will end up 7 blocks wide and 8 blocks long. If you would like to make your quilt smaller or larger, do your math to figure out how many blocks you will need.
• Enough batting to build your blocks, block backing (I’m using inexpensive muslin!), quilt backing and binding material for the size quilt you are making.
• size 80/12 top stitching needle
• wool yarn for tying (optional)

First, grab your scrap and build yourself one fabulous wonky log cabin!... don’t know how… just follow this tutorial (easy peasy!) and cut it down to 15”

Next, cut your batting & block backing squares 15”. Sandwich them together and add a few pins to hold your quilt block while quilting it (I use straight pins myself). I'll be trimming them to a perfect 14.5 inches later.

Then, pick a quilting technique and rock it! Now, please don’t freak out! I am not an expert either… I’ll be attempting this right along with ya! And yes, I’ll be needing encouragement to not chicken out on harder quilting techniques too (I’m only human! haha)… I’ll be starting a post on the flickr group to tickle your fancy with lots of fabulous quilting designs and tutorials to help you with plenty of ideas of design options!! Please hop over there and add as many as you’d like… this is community collaboration between us! ;) And don’t forget to post your photos into the group too!!

Ps… I’ll probably be building quite a few at a time too, so I’m not always changing the feet on my sewing machine!

Lastly, trim your finished quilted block down to your preferred size (for me this is 14.5 inches). Then gaze into your fabulous block, pet it, maybe do a little jig of happiness together, kiss it, you know… whatever (I’m not judging!) hehe… and move on to your next!

I’ll be checking in frequently with my blocks and quilting choices… and you know I’ll keep it real about how they turned out too! My goal is to complete 5 blocks a week for the next 3 months! On Christmas morning… I fully expect to awake under this masterpiece! Which should give me plenty of time to piece my quilted blocks together, back my quilt, quickly (stitch in the ditch) to join the two layers, and bind my new baby! If you want to read more on the finishing portion of this project… hop over to Penny’s blog to her great tutorial!

NOW… to the Scrappy { Strip } Swap! I have set up a new Flickr group for the sole purpose of feeding this round’s group members even more fabric options for your quilts!! If you are participating in this quilt-a-long… please feel free to ask to join this group and I will accept your membership. This swap will be based on the weight of the fabric being sent and designer fabrics are a must! No exceptions. See ya there!!

Okay… I’m off!! Here’s my first few blocks…

( here's my first block sandwiched together with some simple straight pins )

( then i chose to straightline quilt it with a twist in the corner )

( my next block had a bit of an ocean theme to it, so i quilted it in waves )

( here's my design wall with them building...! )

i can't wait to hear your plans and see your inspiration!! i'll be posting more soon, since i haven't made my quota for the week! ( wink, wink )

XO, Heather