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yay!! my first 6 blocks are finished!! and i must tell you... they look OOoohhh... so fabulous on my design wall! i can't wait to start my next batch of fly blocks!!

in the spirit of making my life much easier... i grabbed a couple washable markers ( you can find these readily available at your local craft store... but remember to get the washable ones! ) to increase the amount of different designs that i'll be attempting in my quilt ;) now, before you get to excited... please know... this is MY first time attempting certain Free Motion Quiting designs too! LOL

i even did a little test for ya... here you can see i used both colors...

and with a little spray from my iron... they completely disappeared! now folks... this is NOT magic... it's just clever! so, grab yourself a pair and start drawing your FMQ designs on your blocks!! have fun with it... what's the worst that could happen... a little seam ripping???.. well, my guess is that we've already faced that challenge a couple times before! ( wink, wink )

i really lOVE modern themes... so, most of my blocks will stay a little more to the simplistic designs... but, i think you can figure that out pretty quickly... here's some of my doodles!!

some kelp...

a little starburst...

chevrons... ( so my fav! )

some i still could manage with my regular foot... but i did have to get my FMQ foot on for the kelp! in the end.. that starburst design turned out pretty swanky... i hope my sepia picture can show you it!

six down... 50 to go! haha...

and just in case i ran of fabric ( yes, this is the reason i told my self to head down to my favorite local quilt shop Cool Cottons... ) i grabbed a few more treats! ;)

happy sewing this week kids!!
XO, Heather