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seriously NERvous!

this is going to be one of those days... you know the ones... they have just a little too much goodness thrown into them! it also means... it could get hairy, real fast and go sideways! ;)

let's start with Miss Emily Cier's Quilt Remix winner!

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Timestamp: 2011-01-17 16:11:27 UTC

GerryART said...
Ya just don't battle rain,
we just go with the flow here in mid-MO.

January 16, 2011 8:32 AM

Thanks again to the very fabulous kids at C&T Publishing for their generosity with miss Emily Cier's fantastic new book!! ;)

Okay... now to the new business! I'm seriously going on the infamous { Pat Sloan Radio Show } today 1/17/2011 at 4:30pm EST for an interview! can you just roll over and die! ( i know can right now! ) haha.. I am seriously nervous! I just hope with every fiber in me that i don't squeak out a naughty word! here's to crossing my fingers & toes!! LOL

Ya wanta listen??... here's the deets!

this is the link to hear the party go down!

and since this is sure to be a huge hot mess of crazy fun ( in my land anyways, haha... ) we have to have something to cheer right!?? and in thinking about said "cheer" it might be a bit reckless to start drinking midday with my children at home and being by myself and all... so, i thought... we should cheer with something ( just as good as liquor! ) a little Denyse Schmidt fun!! thus... i cut a couple Flea Market Fancy Patchwork Packages for a couple kids to win on mine and Pat's blogs! Here's to great company ( insert Pat ) and Cheer! xoxo

the info:

First... leave a comment here for me! ( i'll announce my winner on Wednesday at 9:00pm PST.)

Second... hop over to Miss Pat's Blog and leave a comment on her Monday Blog for a chance to win hers! ( She'll announce hers on Friday the 21st! )

easy-peasy, right!

this is gonna be scary fun day!! eeeeek!!
XO, Heather