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aaaak! it's Party Time!

now i'm not going to even start to pretend that i can sometimes get a bit self absorbed in whatever manic kick i'm currently on... case in point: The Bloggers' Block-A-Pooloza started and i'm such a looser, i didn't even recognize it until today! somebody put a toothpick in me... i am done!! LOL

thanks to me... you all might be a tad bit late in the game, but have no fear... it's only by a day ( or so... i think! wink, wink )!! pop over to John's blog, cause he's starting the Party off with his block! OOhhh... and when ya finish up, get your booties over to the new Flickr group to show off whatcha did!! hehe...

yeah... and i feel the need to confess in the spirit of keeping it real too... i've chosen a new fabric direction for my quilt. i have a sneaking suspicion that we will be seeing many flying geese in the mix through this blogger quilt-a-long and using my always creative smart aleck style... i have deemed my quilt to be ever more regarded as The Cluster Flock! funny, right??... okay, okay... maybe only to me ;) however, i did ultimately feel like you would be able to see my flock easier if they popped out a bit more within the patterns.

Hence... The Solid Cluster Flock!

( i think i just like to keep saying that title! ) LOL!!

my point is this... if you still want to follow along, but didn't purchase the kit or maybe you chose other fabrics to use... i too will be using different ones! da-da- da- dahhhh..!!

( long day clearly, since i just wrote that last paragraph with an evil mastermind voice in my head!! good grief!... i really need to back off the caffeine! )

ps... found these little treasures and had to have them ( reminded me of a little naughty friend i have! ) yep, they're true! haha...
XO, Heather