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i've been dating.

what... it's true. first, i spent a lovely day with Ty Pennington... it was a magical day... full of new linens, table toppers and decisions... i think he's quite glad that at the end of the day, when i asked him to move in and become a permanent fixture in my house, he accepted. doesn't he look happy here... ( wink, wink )

LOL... seriously! i had to instantly make some urban patchwork love for my home when i laid eyes on the FQ set from Marmalade Fabrics! I did end up adding in some yummy navy Kona sateen & ivory Essex Linen to the party, but really this is one seriously swanky line!

and, nope... no batting for me. just a quick flip and then LOTS of top stitching!!

( my new favorite "messy" look )

aaak! then i went on one, red-hot mess of date with my Portland ( get. gone. with their serious talent! ) Girlies ( Mo, Monica, Traci, Elizabeth, Kristen, Irene, Gabrien, Violet & Joan )... and if they aren't craft'in... they're causing all sorts of trouble that is just, plain right!

we brought a ton of fabric's to swap this week and in thinking over the night's events... i think i can safely sum it up with two simple statements:

i ended up looking like i live on "little house on the prairie".
i now have an Oh, Fransson kick-a$$ quilt living at my home.

man... i hope you all are taking advantage at meeting your local kids at the Modern Quilt Guilds, i can't even imagine my crafty life without these loons... i friggin heart them! plus, "friend's with bennifts" isn't a dirty statment anymore...!! true. ;)

( violet & me )

( elizabeth's quilt... cough, cough... i mean, my new quilt! )

and then no, technically i'm not dating this print artist ( FuaxKiss )... but, i am swooning over her! a couple of weeks ago, i decided i really wanted to support my local print artists ( so, i did a local search on Etsy ) and i was floored by the talent i found! I bought 3 of her prints and i plan on showing you many more that i have been acquiring in up coming posts! these ones are seriously fierce!

OOOhhhh and i so almost forgot! i finally picked out which fabrics i'm sending to my { Bee } Imaginative - A Virtual Quilting Bee kids...

Kona solids & Tweeds! i see a LOT of texture in my future!!

okay... off to play Mom again with the fam... hope you all have a smashing weekend!!
XO, Heather