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B.r.a.v.o.... Miss Pat!

can i just say firstly.... Happy New Year! and secondly... Thank YOU all for your kind words towards my very soon to be painful endeavor with the running! LOL I have taken all of your fantastic ideas and shown them to the boss ( my hubby ) which has secured a little supportive shopping trip!! perfection! hehe...

now, can i also say B.r.a.v.o!!... to miss Pat Bravo herself, for her yummy Modern Affair! I knew i was going to love this quilt... not that i knew how it would come together or anything, but i loved her pattern/colors too much not to end up in deep lOVE!

so... here she is in all here glory!! I really wanted to showcase how a simple design with a few extra touches ( patchwork binding & multi-kissed color quilting ) could bring a quilt together without a ton of business... i think it worked!

and you all better believe i have picked up some serious Stud fabric ( and by stud, i mean Mr. Ty Pennington's ) yum!!... i don't know what is hotter..??? Him or his new line??? haha!! my newest sponsor Marmalade Fabrics not only has the entire line, but very helpfully pulls the coordinating Kona Cottons to support each colorway! how fantastic is THAT??? and they are perfect match!! clever, clever!

OOOhh... and looky-look what's now on my design board!! E C H I N O!!... this is going to be such a hard quilt for me to remove from my wall!!! i just want to stare at all of those FABulous prints and i'm just sure once they are quilted, my boys will spill some yucky/ sticky goo on it and i'll cry thick tears! ;)

lastly, i was sooOOOoo touched to see this card arrive in the mail!! Kudos to US!! in 2010 we did make a difference!! Such an amazing achievement!! 2011 is going to seriously rock... i can just tell... and you can trust me on this too!! promise! LOL

xo, Heather