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MMmmmm... Sand Dollars!

i have been very ( not really ) patiently waiting for the arrival of more Essex natural Linen to finish up my echino quilt, but luckily while i do... i have an additional design wall to mess with! i think if i only had one... i'd be quite cranky, a LOT! ;)

So, this weekend while stuck pretending to support my husbands football love... i grabbed my scrap bins, my template, and rotary blade... and went to work on my next quilt! a very, yummies in the tummies Scrappy Dresden! i think this should keep me plenty busy while waiting to finish up my other one! ( plus, i think everyone should have one of these in their collections! )

ps... i'm more than excited to be supporting & participating in { The Quilt Remix Blog Tour } on Jan 15th!! and one lucky duck will get the chance to win miss Emily Cier's new blook, hope to see ya!! Wanna join the party now...??

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XO, Heather