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eeeek! when i grow up...

i sooOOOoo remember reading the announcements of when some of my most favorite bloggers became { Sew Mama Sew Board Members } and thinking... man, they must really know their shiz! and now today... ( literally ) i AM one! i don't know whether i should run and hide from the pressure of the "shiz knowing" or jump up and down like a squealie kid?? LOL i will probably run around like an utter spaz for awhile and then have a firm talking to ( to self ) in the mirror! self may need to become more serious, more instructional on her blog, study perhaps...??? sounds reasonable, right!?? aahhHhh... who am i kidding??... none of that is self! haha... i'll probably just continue on with my parting way, but with a new shiny badge! yeah... i love me some bling! Thanks Sew Mama Sew for the sparkler!!

OOOOohh... and i finished my Generation { X } pillow yesterday... isn't she fab!! i love her way too much and that dang hand stitching is becoming a nasty little habit for me ( in a good way of course! ) ;)

and again a big thanks to a sweet friend that gave me her last little bit of Nancy Drew fabric for a seriously devoted, smart, little girl's new book tote! She's gonna freak!

i will so be buying more of those yummy dots too!! they are just... right!

here's to another fabulous day!!

xo, Heather