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my week.

i've said it before and i'll say it again. i love me. and it's with that love that i can laugh at the photo session with my dad, where every picture of my quilt is upside down! LOL... i love that i had to avoid being indited & fined by the Oregon Gaming Commission for being in violation of the Gambling Act for running { Modern } Relief! i bloody love that i hit our local brewery real damn hard to blow off steam over said events and learned how to play bunco with foul mouthed boys afterward! OOOhhh... and i absolutely love that i have two quilts on my design board that could have crawled away from me by now, due to the lack of attention and i wouldn't have even noticed they were gone! and yes, i even love that i can say without guilt... that i really love buying fabric on weeks like these when.... nothing seems to be going as it should have in my head! here's to being in love! LOL


poor things... mama's coming... hold on!

thank you sweet... Marmalade fabrics!

and you too... Wonderous Wovens!! (pst... and for the great sales too BTW! )

now, what am i going to do with this quilt??? ideas kids... it was meant for raising funds for Japan. I'd really love it to still go to that cause!

Xo, Heather