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Modern Log Cabin Quilting

lOVE, lOVE, lOVE Susan Beal's new book, "Modern Log Cabin Quilting"!!!... i truly can NOT say that enough... if you don't own this book, you are missing out my friends! it's a must have in any quilter's library! period. There are so many favorites in this book, i have been overwhelmed where i should begin! here's my fav's, some plans, and and example of her cleverness! ;)


Bright Furroes Quilt

Clouds in the Sky Duvet Cover

coming soon!

i am in love with the Anniversay Quilt and the embroidery blocks that Susan sprinkled through out it... so, when i was at the beach this past weekend i picked up this pattern to use with it!

it has all nine of the Oregon Coast's Lighthouses!! i can't wait to start stitching this beauty up!


the Recyled Cords Pillow today! wull... kinda. i didn't actually have any old cords! haha... i wish! but, i did have some yummy brown wool... so, i went with it! it was a very quick project that ends up adorable! would you like to try??... i have extras for this exact pillow. leave a comment below and i'll draw a winner on my next post! :)

am i the only one extremely excited by this book??... can't you just die!! do you all have a book that you just can't recommend enough to others too???... do tell kids! we would love to know ( and by we... i mean me! ) hehehe....

Xo, Heather