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what does spring mean...

garage sales of course! i'm working on mine as we speak... i'll be listing packages of goodness' on my esty shop soon! :) in an effort to be a grown up, i'm hoping to clear out some of my "younger" prints for other mama's that would love them ( and clean up my ever growing mess! ). They will be priced according to current market conditions, however... if you are one of my readers... please use this... { houseofalamode } as a coupon code to save yourself 20%!

word of advice. PLEASE do not hesitate to purchase a listing while you wait for others to show up. They will most likely not be there when you go to check out and it's so sad to me, when i hear how disappointed folks can become when this happens! ;) i will additionally correct shipping charges once the sales are completed.

thanks for all your support... i hope you find some treats!
Xo, Heather