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passion & pooches???

do you have one of "those" friends?? you know the ones, they run on a higher leval of passion then the rest of us ( even with all the smutty books! )?? well... i do. i call her my "Elizabeth Taylor". and truth be told, i couldn't give her up, even if i was forced too! haha... well, let's just i envisioned her passion when i saw miss Amanda's newest tutorial. Have YOU seen it... it's bad new bears for sheba! you will drop everything to play along... priorities, children, whateves... cause it's that slick!

it's a scrapbusting triangle tut... and i definitely felt comfortable that i could spare a few to give it a whirl! ( good grief! )

now she was fabulously paitent in cutting out her triangles... me, not so much. i took some disgusting 12" scrapbooking paper and quartered it, then cut it diagonally... until i had triangles ( amanda's are cooler, but again... i'm lazy! ) ;P

i grabbed my box of neutral scraps and sewed those puppies together!

trimmed them up and threw'm up on the design borad! now in the land of Heather, we all know how much i love me some instant gratification, right ... so, i grabbed some passionate purple... and went about making a pillow :)

and voila...! with amanda's tut basics and my friends complicated passion... i made this! my (which really means, hers. ) Elizabeth Taylor pillow!

and.... Oh yeah, miss Laurie Wisbrun's newest fabric line { Pooches & Pickups } showed up this week! this is one seriously ADORBABLE line! i can't wait to cut into it, but alas... i am forced ( basically at gun point you realize ) to take a holiday with my husband this weeked! hahaha... so, i thought... i should do a give a way while i'm gone!

the deets: - i'll pick two winners on Monday! - leave a comment here with your favorite FQ quilt pattern! - get your booties over to Lauries blog and follow her cool ass! - if you blog about lauries fabric... you can leave another comment!!

Xoxo here's to having a FABulous weekend! Xo, Heather