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it's those scraps!

i think it's the scraps ( the little rascals)! they seem to be the biggest, bulkiest, and messiest thing in my sewing room... but, dang it... they are just sooOOooo GOOD! and just to be very clear, this was debatable... until the past 2 days when i said to self, "are you really going to use these??" so, i sat down and started digging through them...

these are what i made and i must say, i think i'm about to just start cutting up my yardage to make more scraps! LOL...

i think i'd almost do it too... if i didn't keep buying these! m. u. s. t. make!

( thanks Fabricworm and Wondrous Wovens!! )

so, i guess i might spare these new treats from my lovely Canadian sponsor Dragonfly Fabrics! that and they are becoming impossible to find in the states! ( wink, wink ) :)

the hubby's off this weekend to play with his friends... aaahhhh... do here it..??? that's me fantasizing what i want to do more... read or sew??? OOohhh... the options! hehehe... Have a great one kids!!

Xo, Heather