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i'm stuffed!

i am stuffed!! there is so much "stuff" in my studio... i can't put myself in there anymore! of course i know why i'm so stuffed ( "self" made me buy lots of fabric ), but i've actually allowed it to get so out of control... i can't get to my sewing machine anymore!! i'm completely embarrassed with myself and must... must clear some out! this is ridiculous!

i mean, how can i not... get some of this! it's just so right... right?? but, when you think in those terms so often, things can get a bit crazy! ;)

i have even started pulling out { idea quilt } fabrics to make more room... but then they just stack up too! ( i really want to make these into a new quilt for my oldest though! )...

yesterday, i made a rag quilt... just to use up a few yards of fabric quickly! desperate times call for desperate actions! i haven't made one of these quilts in like a year... but, i must say i enjoyed it! it's like your first car, has a special place in your heart...!

i finally decided ( after much consideration ) to reopen my Etsy shop to remove some of the stuff. i'm not sure what will end up in that shop, but hopefully it will lead a path to my sewing machine... to... well, make more stuff! LOL

Xo, Heather

ps... the winner of the Fish Tank fabric is...

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Timestamp: 2011-04-21 16:08:15 UTC

Alisa said...
Love that pillow! That would look so pretty on my couch...hint hint.:)

April 18, 2011 2:12 PM