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soOOooo not about fabric.

nope... if you are looking to get inspiration for a crafty project, just stop reading right now! LOL this post is about a girl who just wanted cute new blond hair ( with bangs! ). she kinda had good hair before her trip into the salon this week... but, that was all about to change. i hear everyone goes through this once... i dunno, i guess group suffering does make me feel a bit better, but then a little sad too... cause i don't want my kids crying too! ( yes, a whambulance was needed. )

here it is in all it's Hillary Clinton charm... good grief. it started off very mod, until i washed it the next morning after my run ( yes, yes... still trying to beat that back with a stick still too ). anyways, something went chemically wrong, real fast. let's just say clumps of singed hair was what was left....

so... a day later, another 4 hours in another salon, and probably 3 bottles of wine... this is what's left. please grow soon hair... the girl needs it!

i'm just real glad it's a Yammy night... cause, i need my lady friends something fierce!
Xo, Heather