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from left to right: 1 Taupe, 2 Multi Glitter 3 Stars & Stripes (all from Solestruck), 4 Silver from Lori´s Shoes, 5 Black Leather (also from Solestruck)

if it´s not about my profile description on my sidebar, the most emails i get are about my Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

i am sooo in love with this shoe!
i have never had the urge to collect something again after my Hello Kitty obsession back in the day. LOL
my first pair was the Multi Glitter ones and from then on, i was hooked!
i would love to own all colors.

the thing about the Litas, it´s either you love them or you hate them!
but i can´t imagine any reason why you could hate these shoes, they´re comfy, they´re amazing & they´re really attention grabbers!

ps: i think Solestruck has the best selection of Litas & of Jeffrey Campbells in general!