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you, me and the ocean.

i am so excited about this quilt! it's actually my first "celebration" quilt. it's beyond rare that i have a friend who is having a baby or getting married ( we all decided to do that gig in our early twenties! ) so, when i found out my sister-in-law's was getting married and the wedding is this Saturday... i just knew she needed a quilt!!   :)

she used to take the most wonderful vacation to Cabo San Lucus with her Mom and my Husband's Dad ( her step-father for 25 years ) and since we lost him last winter to cancer, i thought it might be sweet to make her a quilt that embodied the their time together at the sea.  my Husband's Dad and Step-Mom had a wonderful marriage and i hope hers and her soon to be husband share the same great romance.

( ps... i would love to thank my good friend Kristin for always caring the most classy fabrics in her store!  she makes it so easy to envision my designs through her shop's selection, YOU're the bestest!! )

Have a wonderful weekend kids!
Xo, Heather