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my yellow beetle.





denim shirt, socks & bowtie (Lanvin Collection): H&M * shorts: Mango * car purse: Amliya * loafers: Bronx

how was your sunday guys?

after that toxic saturday night, i just stayed home & skyped with my family in the philippines.

decided to dig up & use this beetle bag, my dad REALLY wanted me to buy in hong kong last year because it would soo match his car. so cute.

i miss him & his yellow beetle so much! ♥

and since i am getting emails about the Cambridge Satchel Company giveaway, i am posting the winner again. it is Marie-Louise. (i have posted this in my facebook and twitter page long time ago. i thought you would all have read it as one of the requirements was to follow me on both, i just assumed you´ve read it, MY BAD.)