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Black Leather

leather jacket 2nd hand
shirt & boots Topshop
jeans Gina Tricot
hat Primark

To my knowledge, I have never worn all black. I have to exclude fashion weeks and funerals straight away as black is kind of mandatory. So I should say, I have never willingly worn all black. Although there is the case of the little black dress. Okay, maybe I've worn all black and no one has forced it on me but my point is that I hardly ever wear all black. I can't really answer you why apart from the usual "all black is too gloomy, dark and miserable and gothic". And hot.

Yet here I am - thanks to my new boots I guess - embracing the head to toe blackness that we have all tried at some point. Now that I think of it, I have to wear all black to work as well.

Does anyone else have a blind spot when it comes to black clothes?