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Today class…

I would like to tell you a story about a girl named Silly. She was a clever girl (even though her name could allow people to assume otherwise) however, she always seemed to find her way through the big, scary world. It was only recently that she had a bit of a stumble and fell down. Silly found herself looking around as if she had become lost in an imaginary place (a very strange world indeed).

See, Silly noticed in her 30’s that not all is what it seemed to be. In truth she found it perplexing as she circled for the knowledge that her other Friends; like Disciplined, Consistent and Stable seemed to know and be doing in this new age. It was a strange activity called running. What was this sweaty, tiring hobby that these girls had picked up and were now continuously doing? Silly only preferred to spend her time sewing, reading and drinking of the sweet booze. It was such a strange concept to her. To NOT do these things in order to partake in this otherwise, awful time sucker?

But then the world seemed to stop spinning around Silly and she saw a straight path of truth, clear as day (could have been the morning after a nice bottle of wine??? That part of the story is still unclear.) And Silly looked down. And do you know what she found… a muffin top! Now kids, I’m not describing the soft, edible kind at your local Starbucks, I’m talking about the kind that sticks up and over your skinny jeans for all others to point out and ridicule.

That’s when Silly recognized what truly was going on around her; you see class, apparently you must do this “running” thing in your 30’s to avoid the terrible “muffin top” from growing on your body. Who knew, Silly always assumed like in her 20’s and teen’s, she could continue to eat and drink anything without falling victim to this disturbing bodily growth.  Yeesh…

So, class… the moral of this story is quite simple. Silly pulled up her big girl panties, then ran 5.5 miles today, has recently lost a dress size, and all while still being able to indulge in some tasty wine this evening (and many others of course!) with her husband, all because she picked herself up when she had a little stumble and ran.  Thus YOU all can too!

(cause Silly secretly cusses the entire time while doing thus nonsense!  hehehehe...)

Ps… Silly also finished a quilt this week. (Wink, wink)

Xo, Heather