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Fall Wishlist #2

Another wishlist for this autumn. There's nothing I want more than the mustard coat with black leather lapels. I even tried it on yesterday and it was peeeerfect. It was £170. Ouch. Didn't buy it. Although I know myself well enough that once I have my eyes on something, it fits well and isn't too expensive for its quality, I will end up buying it. I know it. Done it before. 

There's nothing wrong with the rest of the items on this collage but they don't give me the jaw drop moment when I look at them. I want them but I won't mourne (= swear the hell out of me, be utterly annoyed and talk about it as if were a person to my boyfriend till the end of times) if I don't get them. So technically it's best for everyone if I just buy it.

pics: Topshop, Mango, River Island