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Turned Up

shirt 2nd hand
jeans Zara
shoes River Island

These few days have been packed with meeting people, doing research, reading and once again doing some research. On that note, can't wait for the London Fashion Week to start! Anyhow, yesterday I wanted to give my little brain a break as we went for a long bike ride to see some old friends. I wanted to be comfortable while clinging to those handlebars for my dear life, yet look like a decent human being (although I swear that's impossible after a four hour bike ride). After some Lidl shopping and adventurous drive-in McDonald's we were off to see our other friends and have a little cheese&wine night. Surprisingly, Lidl being the only shop nearby and open, their wine selection wasn't too bad. Kept me happy all night.

Time to do some more research and face the fact that autumn has begun.