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Gold on White

shirt & shorts 2nd hand
heels Bianco

What to do when you have to wear a neat "office look" with an edge but the heat is unbearable? To be honest, I have no idea but here is what I came up with. All white. Has to be all white. Can't go wrong with shorts and a shirt half tucked in. Thought I should wear heels so I opted for the pair with the most comfortable heel. As the shirt had golden buttons, I added a bit of golden jewellery and that's it. 

I also wanted to have my hair down but as it turns out, my hair is too thick and intolerable to have down on a weather like yesterday (and today). So I kept it up unless I felt I could handle it. I felt I could handle it for the few minutes that these photos were taken. 

I learnt that I have a big whole in my wardrobe. It's the shape of a white collar shirt with short sleeves. 
Shame on me.