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bleh... nope!

okay, okay... i admit it. between the Led Zeppelin, Ant Killin, quilting a Blue hourglass quilt for my brother and these lousy Portland pre-spring cloudy sky's... i could have been considered a bit funkadelic! bleh. OOohhh... well, what's a girl to do???

yes, it is still raining ( gross! )... but i've decided to change my tune ( literally ) to a much more dapper place! so, cheers to new music to get your bootie a shakin', some bright new fabrics from the lovely Fabric Quarter to brighten your day, and a fantastic cause to help someone else who really has deep sadness!! ;)

my brother's coastal quilt... done!
{ do NOT look directly into the clouds... you'll need a nap! }

A bright rainbow of H E A V E N!!!
{ DO look directly at those beauties... they'll make you smile!!! }

And Let's all come together for a renewed movement that will hopefully show a little comfort soon to others in need!! YOU can find out more info here!

Xo, Heather