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TF2 - The Shogun Update!

Hey guys, not posted for a while! :(

Last month I was contracted by Sega to create 8 Japanese-themed promotional items for TF2, for a cross promotion between the game Total War: Shogun 2 and Team Fortress 2.

I busted my ass for a solid month straight, 16 hours a day. I've really never worked so hard in my life!

Like my Tankbuster items in the Mann Co. Store, I will also be receiving 25% of the sales from the Shogun items/bundles in the Mann Co. Store, with all my earnings going towards developing my own game with Ani. So if you feel like supporting us, grab 'em in TF2's in-Game store! :D

My role in this rather buisinessy dealio was to design, model and texture the 8 items from simple descriptions. I was left mostly in the dark in terms of the item names, mechanics and usage.

Also, a conch shell is a surprisingly difficult thing to model, URGH.

Anyway! Hit the jump for an inconsiderate amount of pictures to lag out your browser! :D

Click for more!