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assumptions can get you into a wee bit of trouble! You know how the saying goes... when you assume: you make an (ass) out of (u) and (me)... risky business, really! so, it's been a precarious time for me and my favorite post on others { expose - the unknown crafter }. My whole thought process surrounding this post was to highlight some "less-followed" earth shaken, fabulous crafters who inspire me and { i think } would inspire you. In this idea i've always tried to choose blogs that had a few hundred followers, in the assumption that they may be fresh talent for you all to drool over. my bad. it seems we all run in a fairly small sewing circle, so i think i'm going to expand my original idea. By definition - Expose means: expose vb (tr) 1. to display for viewing; exhibit 2. to bring to public notice; disclose; reveal to expose the facts 3. to divulge the identity of; unmask So... that is what i plan to do. i will now { Expose } - the Featured Crafter. Please meet Miss Penny from the very, swanky Sew Take a Hike blog! I adore Penny of a personal level, but her mad sewing skills blow my mind away!! if she has some how slipped through the cracks of your readership... you MUST correct the mistake promptly, or you'll be missing out on some sick inspiration! Enjoy my kids!! She makes random fabrics sewn together mouth watering! if she wasn't such a dollface... i'd really hate her! xoxo

( and yes, i was quite jolly at the time of our picture!... open bar! LOL ) fant-friggin-tastic, yeah! xo, Heather