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7 Days, 7 Trends & 100 Euro Giveaway!


when Kathrin from Dealhunter asked me if i would like to participate in this Blog Parade
about my Ultimate Spring Must Have,
i didn´t as much as bat an eyelash and said YES!

everyday for 7 days, starting today, one blogger would present her spring must- have!
MY must-have has been already in my mind for a long long time.
i have been lusting over a pair of classic Ray Ban Aviators since like forever.
my dad wore one all the time and i kept on borrowing (read: stole) it until it broke. :(
carrie bradshaw always had one on.
bradley cooper (my future husband) looks pretty SEXXAAYY in hangover with them on.
i knew i had to have one. i knew that it would be my Ultimate Spring / Summer Must- Have.
it GOES well with everything! be it rock chic style, laid back or just plain jane!
don´t you think?

so anyway, enough about me, i have a surpise for you guys!
since i have my ultimate must-have now, i want to fulfill yours.
if you haven´t bought it already, this is your lucky day!
i am giving ONE reader a 100 euro Paypal Balance.

what to do?

1. leave a comment with your ultimate spring must have.
2. include a valid paypal email address where i can send you the 100 euros to.
(you have to have a paypal account to join!)
3. follow me on bloglovin | like me on facebook (since the contest is only for my readers)
(PS: please include it in the comment if you´ve done both so i can put your name twice!)

i can´t wait to see the other bloggers´ spring must have!

EDIT: the giveaway is now closed.
the winner is Lisa with her colored wide legged trousers as SPRING MUST HAVES!
an email is on your way!
thanks for joining guys!