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Final Look for the ASOS Style Diary. The Working Girl.

pompom sweater, leather marky brogues, cross double finger ring and cape: ASOS

hey guys!
here´s the final look of my ASOS Style Diary.


at work, comfort is my biggest concern.
i sometimes do 9 hour shifts so heels are out of the question.
i once came in with my JC Litas and everyone thought i was crazy. (in my defense, i only worked for 4 hours!)
"most of the time", i always go for comfort with style.
many of you asked me what my favorite look is, and i have to say, even though i love all three, this is one is sooo me.


i am so glad that you liked the series and that so many of you joined the giveaway!

like on the last two posts, you can leave a comment with your favorite look (1. Mommy, 2. Fashion Blogger or 3. Working Girl) with your email address to get a chance to win a 50 Eur / 30 Eur Gift Card!
(P.S. If you take part in this competition, you agree that your email address will be sent to
that´s it.

thank you again ASOS for making this happen and i had great fun doing this!