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eeeek! i'm giddy!

where do i even begin??? i guess at the shamelessly embarrassing bottom... i have no ability to quilt using traditional blocks! i always want to flub them up with wonkiness or add in bits of improv accents... you know, sleaze them up with some modern flair. But after a long hard look at what i wanted to accomplish this year (in my personal sewing skills), i've decided to really embrace more of the traditional block patterns to see if i can pull them off! i do hope so!

i know it sounds silly, but this was yesterdays first attempt at a regular Log Cabin... and i still added in an improv broader ( humph... ). well, i certainly tried! I do love the way it turned out though, but i'm going to try it again with no frills! i'm even glad that i still have a stock pile of Heather Ross gems to make my middles more fun while i try! look at that cute cowboy! I think i'll name this pillow { Stick um Up! } hahaha...

i've even started a new virtual sewing bee with some lovely friends to require myself to follow through! You know... the whole timeshare idea! (wink, wink) i can't wait to get my hands all flithy, dirty in this land!! Who hoo!!

and i almost peed myself when i received these generous sized photo's from Miss Melody Miller and her Fab-a-licious girl Allison, on her up and coming Spring line today! holey heaven!

the only way i can even describe my deep love for this (insert my description here - Retro English Masterpiece ) new line... is a lovely, foul curse word! i am just simply, madly even, in lOVE! period.

even her new blog button is fan-friggin-tastical!

OOohhh by now... you know i can't say no to a good party, right?? So, when Miss Erin asked me to join her Mug Rug Madness (Flickr group here) i couldn't bare to say no! plus, i get to give away my mug rug to one lucky winner too! here's a sneeky peeky on what i've been doing... read more about it on Friday when the tutorial ( yep, a freebie ) and the give-a-way kicks off!!

What a blast! i hope you all are having as much excitement as me!
kiss, kiss kids!
Xo, Heather