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it's not me... i swear!

like always, i find it's much easier to blame one's short comings on someone else. it's my favorite thing to do, really. for example... let's look at this weekend: i should have been doing laundry, dishes and such. but instead i received a new beautiful quilt pattern from a dearly loved friend and all priorities went out the window so i could play. Miss Kate (whom i have a major girl crush on for her swanky style) just released her first quilt pattern. And i know i must be a fan, because this is the first quilt i have EVER made using a pattern. true. I lOVE it... her attitude towards color staying the focus with a clean design... had my heart skip a beat! go on then... pop over to her blog and see her gorgeous quilt using this pattern!! it's seriously swanky shiz!

i also took the opportunity to not clean 4,000,000 Lego's this weekend, when my daddy called and said he needed a Kindle cover. truthfully, is there anything better than a little praise from your parents?? and yes, i realize how old i am. but once a daddy's girl, always a daddy's girl!

then when the mail arrived and i saw this fantastic gift from my darling friend Shelly!! i couldn't keep vacuuming the stupid floors... i had to fill up my new pouch with lots of goodies and then reorganize my couch sewing area!! what?? like you all don't have a little spot next to your favorite chair or couch full of mini projects??? haha... ;)

Luckily, i was a good girl and packaged up all my give-a-way fabrics early, cause when these spring-a-lious fabrics rolled up on Saturday... wull, let's just say... you all could have been waiting a little longer for your goodies! LOL

so, here's to making up for lost time this weekend! cheers kids, i'm off to be responsible! or at least try???

xo, Heather