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such a star.

ha! sometimes... it's the little things that can really brighten your spirits! i lOVE paper piecing like nobodies business... and thought adding a little organization to my favorite o'le sit on my bootie hobby, would look kinda nice. ;)

hence my new pouchie... she's such a star!

then a little delivery arrived this weekend from Wonderous Woven Fabrics! i've been waiting for the Max & Whiskers since Fall Market!! isn't that the sweetest little modern print for boys! i'm in heaven!!!

i have also decided living in a bug free house is also, kinda special. we had a lovely little visit from some delightful ant's these past couple days... and being the host i am, i sprayed those SOB's with a crazy ass amount of deadly chemicals until they all shriveled up and died. then i danced on their graves! it really was quite the event. i know your jealous... try not to resent me for it, k! i think it's fair to say, i don't really care for unexpected guests... you???

xo, Heather